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Endoscopy/Overground Endoscopy


Upper airway conditions are a common cause of poor performance and abnormal respiratory noise during exercise. We are equipped to perform both resting and overground (dynamic) endoscopic exams in order to accurately diagnose such conditions.





Yorkshire Equine Practice is one of the few veterinary practices in the UK that has the state of the art Optomed Dynamic Respiratory Endoscopy System.




Many airway abnormalities cannot be predicted from an endoscopic examination at rest therefore using an overground endoscope during exercise, ensures precise determination if a horse has a dynamic upper airway abnormality and, more importantly, the likely significance of that abnormality in competition.


Dynamic endoscopy system allows a horse to exercise in its own discipline whilst endoscopy is being performed. For example, a racehorse can be exercised at full speed on the gallops, whilst a show horse can be exercised in an arena wearing its full tack and in its normal head carriage position. these examinations can be performed at the horse owners’ premises.


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