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Routine Health Care


If your horse is already ill, we will administer rapid treatment, causing as little distress as possible.


In many cases, regular check-ups can lead to detection and specific treatment of diseases in their early stages.


Routine health care is tailored to our client’s requirements, this may include:


Outpatient treatment and advice

  • General examinations and treatment of your horse or pony

  • Check ups for your horse

  • Vaccinations

  • Microchipping/Passports

  • Advice on feeding and diets of overweight horses and ponies and in certain cases of illness (food allergies, laminitis, cushings syndrome, equine metabolic syndrome, liver and kidney diseases)


Laboratory diagnostics

  • Complete blood count, Biochemistry & any additional tests required

  • Full range of tests available

  • Strangles testing

  • Cushings testing 

  • Viral screening


Dental care and treatments

  • Routine floating and wolf teeth removal

  • Work closely with excellent equine dental technicians when more help is required

  • Referral to recommended hospital or hospital of your choice for teeth removal or surgery when required.




Digital Radiography



  • Routine field surgery is carried out such as castrations.  

  • Referral to specialist surgeons for orthopaedic or soft tissue surgeries



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